K-Kal: K-Kal

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Product Type: CD
Artist: K-Kal

Title: K-Kal
Label: CD Baby

Seatown to Killa Cali. There's a fine line between adventure and humility. Boldness and patience. Balance and chaos. K-Kal's message speaks of survival, and growth through adversity. Through real situations, and social reflections, he breaks down generalizations to get to the heart of true character. Always interested in music, K-Kal did what he could to further his skill. Piano, guitar, drums...didn't matter, as a kid he hit them all. With an equal amount of country roots and big city hustle, he was never been afraid to get his hands dirty. His far reaching attitude had many of his friends saying "Ok Kal"... Thus giving him his name. K-Kal's first break came in 2002 when MTV, approached him for a TV show called 'Living the Dream'. They liked his blind courage in moving to Los Angeles, from the Seattle area to pursue his music career. At the time K-Kal was working with different artists he was documented for a month by a nine-person camera crew. From show performances, to parties, studio time, and of course joint smoking moments of enlightenment, they wanted to show what this artist were doing to make it in the music biz. In the end MTV gave the green light instead to another show called "Making the Band". Still the real camera experience, and constant interviewing gave K-Kal a leg up in showmanship. "You either get it or you don't", he says, "but if you like the taste, you can't get enough". This experience rewarded K-Kal with new connections and perspective, as he continued towards his goal. Already with a couple solo tracks, K-Kal burnt up the studio in a mad effort to get to the stage, In January of 06 K-Kal hooked up with a Los Angeles based music promotion company, and paid his dues opening up stages in the South Central Los Angeles area. 2006 progressed, and K-Kal was given better gigs; later performances at bigger venues. It's always been serious for him, but in May of '06 it was looking like it as K-Kal lit up one of his best venues at the time, the Key Club, Hollywood. He started the stage for his old school favorites: Tone Loc, Coolio, Young MC, and Digital Underground. Over the next couple months he opened up for artist such as Coolwadda, and even Knockin da boots, Candyman. The K-Kal Debut CD was released in November of 2006, and K KAL Productions is quickly on it's way to being a force in the industry. Febuary of 2007 rewarded K-Kal with a show at the Key Club in Hollywood, where he opened for one of the industry's sickest, Twista on Grammy Weekend. Hear the unique sound that happens when the artist is his own beatmaker and producer. Help support and grab a copy of the CD as K-Kal is already deep into his next album, "The Jet Set". And, of course, if you're in Southern Cali come to the show.

1.1 Top Notch
1.2 Tear the Roof
1.3 Get Ready for
1.4 On a Mission
1.5 Back It Up
1.6 Flip That O
1.7 What You Talkin Bout?
1.8 Jackya
1.9 Hold It
1.10 Come to the Show
1.11 Feel My Roots
1.12 Badd
1.13 They Gettin Mad at Me
1.14 Memory Lane
1.15 On a Roll
1.16 You Got Nothin on Me

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