K. Osgood: Osgood, K. : Play to Win

K. Osgood: Osgood, K. : Play to Win
Title: Osgood, K. : Play to Win
Label: CD Baby

Kathy Osgood was raised in Vermont and studied piano and is glad now that she occasionally took the time to practice. She found an old Washburn guitar under her grandmother's bed and taught herself three chords which was sufficient for most songs at the time. She attended Bard College in Annandale on Hudson,New York where she spent most of her time working with improvisational music. Eventually she figured out a way to fuse unusual with pop and come out with something accessible yet interesting.The twelve songs on this album are all original. Each sounds different from the next.Strong vocals and layered harmonies add nicely to the overall mix. Excellent studio musicians add tremendous texture,depth and Polish to the listeners landscape.It's well worth taking a listen.

1.1 Sleep Walking
1.2 I So Miss You
1.3 Stuck in Place
1.4 So Smooth
1.5 Watch Your Step
1.6 Steering Toward the Sun
1.7 Sleep to Dream
1.8 Take You Back
1.9 Give It Up
1.10 Craving
1.11 Breaking Ground
1.12 Crazy Day

K. Osgood: Osgood, K. : Play to Win

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