K.R. Wood: Texasville Memories

K.R. Wood: Texasville Memories
Title: Texasville Memories
Label: CD Baby

K.R. Wood, a native Texas singer, songwriter, historian and musician, plays 6 and 12 string guitars and has received acclaim for his Fathers of Texas CD series. It is a collection of songs and narration about Texas' storied history, which is considered a landmark in Texas music. K.R. Wood, aka Camp Cookie, has been travelling the great state of Texas bringing it's history to life through songs and tales for almost 20 years. His newest CD, 'Texasville Memories', are original songs about growing up in North Texas, working in the oil fields, and about the movies 'The Last Picture Show' and 'Texasville' in which K.R. was cast in both. They were filmed in Archer City at the Royal Theatre and only 30 minutes from Wichita Falls where K.R. grew up, so it is first hand experience from which he has written. Through music, stories and song, K.R.'s passion for Texas history and traditional country music continues to contribute to our great Texas heritage.

1.1 Texasville Memories
1.2 Hey Good Lookin'
1.3 Take Me Back to Texas
1.4 Old Cowboy and the Kid
1.5 Peco's Memory
1.6 A Little West of Wichita Falls
1.7 Why Don't You Love Me
1.8 Oil Field Blues
1.9 I Can't Help It
1.10 Granddad's Homemade Stock Trailer
1.11 The Last Picture Show
1.12 Texasville Piano Theme
1.13 Welcome Home Texasville
1.14 Welcome Home Texasville (Bonus Track)

K.R. Wood: Texasville Memories

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