K. Sridhar

K. Sridhar: Ocean of Sound

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Product Type: CD
Artist: K. Sridhar

Title: Ocean of Sound
Label: CD Baby

Raga Bilaskhani Todi was composed as a spontaneous response by a son to the death of his composer father, Tansen. The mood of this elegant raga is compassion. It is to be heard in the quiet, early hours of the dawn in loving memory of a dearly beloved. Featuring an extended Alaap, Jor, and Jhalla; it has a rising pentatonic scale and falling septatonic scale. Raga Bairagi continues the early morning mood of contemplation. Profits from the sale of this CD support several charities related to cancer research and treatment. K. Sridhar's music is a unique blend of both the sacred structure and rhythmic complexity of South Indian temple music and the improvisational styling and tonal magic of North Indian Classical Music. He started touring out of India in 1982 and has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, particularly under the auspices of Peter Gabriel's non-profit W.O.M.A.D. At present he is the senior most disciple of Z.M. Dagar touring in the West. There's a reason why Ravi Shankar chose him as the youngest member ever of his orchestral group. His music is often described as the kind that 'opens our hearts and probes deep into our souls.' (Telerama, France)

1.1 Raga Bilaskhani Todi
1.2 Raga Bairagi

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