K Wilder

K Wilder: Blue Ridge Dream

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Product Type: CD
Artist: K Wilder

Title: Blue Ridge Dream
Label: CD Baby

The Blue Ridge Dream CD is something NEW! A fusion of Traditional Country with Modern Country. A flirtation with Blue Grass, The Blues, Country Rock and Bob Wills. You are taken on an emotional, musical ride. There is NO filler! NO, after the 3rd song, 'Same old, same old'. Each song is an original story, written with a sense of humor, sung with traditional styling to an edgy country groove and delivered with theatrical performance. You, become part of the story. You, are always listening in. If you like the story telling and humor of Tom T., the musical instrumentation of Dwight Yoakam, Lyle Lovett, the traditional vocals of George Strait, and song stylings of Garth Brooks, this is what you have to do. BUY it! PLAY it! And Fall in love with 'Real Country Music'. Like an old friend once said upon meeting me: 'I have so many ways, it would be hard to not find one that you will like.' I trust that will be true with you and I Quote: 'I can play every song. Quality in the end will survive. Mainstream is industrial music and after some weeks forgotten and new mainstream songs will follow with the same short success. Best wishes.' RADIO RIVERSIDE and Ernst Erb.

1.1 Blue Ridge Dream
1.2 Sharon
1.3 Cat Bird's Kitten
1.4 Rodeo Blues
1.5 Buford
1.6 Dusty
1.7 I Remember
1.8 Silver Ladies
1.9 Searchin for the Man
1.10 Cheap Date
1.11 Ms. Willa Mae's Biscuits

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