K. Wilder

K. Wilder: Caffeine & Country Music

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Artist: K. Wilder

Artist: K. Wilder
Title: Caffeine & Country Music

K Wilder's Real Country Music is a theatrical commentary on life, inclusive of the breakdowns, greatest surprises, cups of coffee we drink, music we love, and political decisions we question. Her candid lyrics are laced with wit, speak to your heart and intellect, all the while tickling your imagination. You are given a front row seat to the drama of daily life. Her story/songs are accompanied by a traditional/contemporary mix of lap steel, dobro, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, piano, Wurlitzer, strings and electronic sounds. K Wilder brings theater to country radio, thus radio theater to you the listener. There is not one commercial. All you have to do is enjoy the musical ride. If you like the clarity and sensitivity of Tom T. Hall, the humor of Jimmy Buffett and the working man songs of Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp-'Caffeine & Country Music' was created just for you. Review: I love Kay Wilder's music. It's refreshingly different and very cool. I can hardly wait to hear more from her. Her music really means something. It's not just a song for the sake of a song. Her songs are full of historic references and mentioning people that she has known. In this era we live in a musical fluff and singers that are essentially clones of one another, Kay and her music are neither one. Carrie Attebury * countrymusic.about.com.

1.1 Breakdown
1.2 Caffeine ; Country Music
1.3 Greatest Surprise
1.4 Daylights Burnin'
1.5 Hurricane
1.6 Dime Box, Texas
1.7 Sylvatus
1.8 Sold Down the River
1.9 Do Ya
1.10 Come Out and Dance
1.11 Ms. Willa Mae's Biscuits

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