Kacey Jones

Kacey Jones: Men Are Some of My Favorite People

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kacey Jones

Title: Men Are Some of My Favorite People
Label: CD Baby

Kacey Jones along with her band, 'The Nice Young Men from Decent Homes' have fun on this CD. And so does the audience. Recorded LIVE in 1997 at the Bull Pen Lounge in the historic Stock Yard Restaurant in downtown Nashville, TN, and co-produced by the late, Buddy Killen, who was one of the legendary fathers of Music Row. This CD spawned two music videos including, '1-900-Bubba' (directed by Adam Shankman) and 'But, I'm Not Bitter' (directed by Roger Pistole). This CD contains 11 hilarious songs segued with 11 hilarious comedy bits. Kudos from the press include the following: 'After listening to her debut 'Men Are Some of My Favorite People,' your endorphins will be doing double time. The best time to listen to this album is when you've had a bad day, everything has gone wrong and you need an antidote to combat the evening. 'Men Are Some of My Favorite People' is gut-splitting laughter. Jones' style of standup comedy mixed with country music is unique.' ---Donna Lea Abate, Virginia Country Star 'Jones' side-slitting description of her ex-husband Bubba could be considered a comedy classic. And humorous ditties like 'Dressin' Up For The Pizza Man' and 'A Woman's Mantra' are complemented by her earthy voice and Jimmy Buffett-inspired melodies.' ---Music City News Magazine.

1.1 Opening Monologue
1.2 A Woman's Mantra
1.3 Bubba Bit
1.4 1-900-Bubba
1.5 Why Can't They Send 'Em Bit
1.6 Why Can't They Send 'Em All
1.7 Seat Bit
1.8 Put the Seat Back Down
1.9 Pizza Man Bit
1.10 Dressin' Up for the Pizza Man
1.11 I Miss My Man Bit
1.12 I Miss My Man
1.13 Mama Bit
1.14 I'm the One Mama Warned You About
1.15 Bitter Bit
1.16 But I'm Not Bitter
1.17 Parakeets Bit
1.18 Biggest Parakeets in Town
1.19 Message Bit
1.20 I Got the Message
1.21 Torture Bit
1.22 Just to Torture Myself

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