Kadima Collective

Kadima Collective: Myelination

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Artist: Kadima Collective
Title: Myelination

Myelination is the process of forming a myelin sheath around a nerve fiber. This project is based on spontaneous musical compositions over sounds emanating from the human body. JC Jones and colleagues improvise over the vibrations of the myelin sheath, the protective insulating cover of the nervous system. This project brings together science and art, and opens a profound and evocative perspective on the disease called Multiple Sclerosis. The vibrations of the myelin protein were analyzed by quantum mechanics and thus made audible. Musicians were then invited to use the sounds as a source of inspiration for free and spontaneous improvisations.

1.1 18 Aas a - Sounds
1.2 Inducing One - JC Jones
1.3 Remix - Horenstein Rubin Silver Shibolet
1.4 18 Aas B - Sounds
1.5 Voices - Yael Tai
1.6 Arihag - Shibolet Fersthman
1.7 18 Aas C - Sounds
1.8 Inducing Two - JC Jones
1.9 Underskin Orchestra - Jake Marmer

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