Kagero: Kagero

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Artist: Kagero

Title: Kagero
Label: CD Baby

Kagero is a unique bicultural original rock band with members from Japan (vox & drums) and the United States (keyboard & bass). The front man of Kagero, Kaz (singer/songwriter/guitarist), was born in yamaguchi, Japan, where he started performing in clubs, sometimes traveling thirty-four hours by train to play in Tokyo. In the endless search for more music, he made a trip to New York city and played at various places to master different music styles and improve his songwriting ability. After a year, he returned to Japan to utilize all he had learned, but could not find any serious musicians. He packed up his gear again and moved to London to experience the culture and hone his performing skills. Kaz enjoyed life in London, but eventually came back to New York City. Unsatisfied with efforts to join a band, this time he started his own project Kagero with his native comrade Toko (drums), and local musicians Al (keyboards) and Rob (bass). Kagero plays the New York City club circuit, balancing a hard-hitting rock band with the celestial qualities of middle eastern/Asian music.

1.1 Samba Au Lait
1.2 What Is Your Name?
1.3 My Little Bonita
1.4 Singapore High
1.5 Dance to a Trance
1.6 Namaste
1.7 Miracle
1.8 Lonely Butterfly
1.9 Shake
1.10 Sunday Man (Live)
1.11 Strands of Desire (Live)
1.12 Beyond Recall
1.13 Killer Surviver (Live)
1.14 Say No Adeu (Home Demo)
1.15 Song of the Natives
1.16 Kaz Talk

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