Kakalla: Seeds of Analog Rebellion

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kakalla

Title: Seeds of Analog Rebellion
Label: CD Baby

The Seeds of Analog Rebellion marks the third album released by Kakalla, featuring the usual panoply of influences, this time integrating electronics and digital sampling within their group sound at times (though not overbearing, by any means). From ambient textures (The Sea, the Bells; Sir Charles) to odd meter rock grooves (Ghosts of Dirty Laundry) to free group improv with electronics (The Death of Sysyphus; The Grand Inquisitor) to lyrical chamber (From These Hands, Sadness Flows; The Refraction of Helios), this album has a lot to offer listeners of all types (jazz, electronica, free, rock, etc) willing to push the envelope of their listening experience. Kakalla is dedicated to the fusion of jazz improvisation with Balkan folk music, chamber music, rock, the avant-garde, electronic and other influences. The group has performed concerts, clubs, and festivals throughout the eastern US, and their third CD, The Seeds of Analog Rebellion, was released in Nov 2004. Kakalla is on the Massachusetts Cultural Council's New England Touring Roster, has received grants from the Worcester Cultural Commission and other Massachusetts cultural councils, and is on the soundtrack for Magdalena's Brain (2004). Musically, the group performs all original material, with a view to combining intricate composition with the freedom of individual and collective improvisation.

1.1 Sir Charles's Transmogrification
1.2 The Ghosts of Dirty Laundry
1.3 Caustic Raptures of the Cloven Hoof
1.4 The Sea, the Bells
1.5 The Refraction of Helios
1.6 Maleficent Oblations to a God of Benevolence
1.7 The Death of Sysyphus
1.8 The Grand Inquisitor
1.9 From These Hands, Sadness Flows
1.10 The Farthest Shore

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