Kaki King: Junior

Kaki King: Junior
Title: Junior
Label: CKV

2010 release, the fifth album from the acclaimed Atlanta guitarist, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Junior perfectly captures King's spell-binding guitar playing and ever growing sound; further proving her ability to continuously dazzle audiences with a slightly new and more mature sound. Junior, like 2008's Dreaming of Revenge, was produced by Malcolm Burn and was made to spotlight the fantastic threesome: King, Dan Brantigan and Jordan Perlson.

1.1 The Betrayer
1.2 Spit It Back in My Mouth
1.3 Everything Has An End, Even Sadness
1.4 Falling Day
1.5 The Hoopers of Hudspeth
1.6 My Nerves That Committed Suicide
1.7 I've Enjoyed As Much As I Can Stand
1.8 Hallucinations from My Poisonous German Streets
1.9 Death Head
1.10 Sloan Shore
1.11 Sunnyside

Kaki King: Junior

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