Kali Staar

Kali Staar: Sudden Sunrise

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Artist: Kali Staar

Artist: Kali Staar
Title: Sudden Sunrise

This album is musical poetry. It celebrates artistic childbirth, because the muse for the finished work came from the awkwardness of teenaged scribbling and plucking. The perpetually stifled voice of the West Indian is expressed here, through an even more obscure vessel. One that is youthful, female and unapologetic. It grudgingly celebrates the fact that what it expresses can only be revealed away from the source of it's existence.

1.1 Time
1.2 Waltz
1.3 Proof
1.4 Young
1.5 Inquisition
1.6 Art in Love
1.7 Vision
1.8 Chase
1.9 After Eden
1.10 Kite Season

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