Kally Price & the Lazybirds: If You Like Good Cookin'. . .

Kally Price & the Lazybirds: If You Like Good Cookin&
Title: If You Like Good Cookin'. . .
Label: CD Baby

Review by Dan Neal: Kally Price is a blues and jazz singer with a voice that is simultaneously melancholy, sensual, elegant, familiar, and accessible. Seeing Ms. Price perform live was an epiphany; she seemed to be hypnotized, lost in her performance. It wasn't that she was shy when she sang; Ms. Price was in a musical fugue - intense, yet vulnerable. She has a voice that's reminiscent of Billie Holiday, and describes her music as "a mixture of tight swing and sultry jazz and barrelhouse blues (eg: Billie Holliday, Big Bill Broonzy, Memphis Minnie, Bessie Smith)." Ms. Price recently released an album, If You Like Good Cookin with "an old blues and jazz band," the Lazybirds. The album has a feel like an elegant homespun cocktail dress; it's simultaneously sexy, fun, sophisticated, and humble. On the fun side, nothing beats "Poor Joe" and "Come Around to My House - sweet songs both. She's sexy and sad, a lounge singer dressed in calico at a cocktail lounge in purgatory, in "Yesterdays." The absolute highlight of Ms. Price's album is her solo vocal work at the beginning "I'm Gonna Sail Like a Ship on That Ocean." She's an unaccompanied bolt of pure spirituality as she hums and sings the first few lines of the song. Ms. Price has a few songs from her album available for download on her myspace page. They're certainly worth the download. And if they suit your fancy, please write Kally for a copy of her fantastic album!

1.1 ' Tain't Nobody's Biziness If I Do
1.2 Blues Are Brewin'
1.3 Call the Firewagon
1.4 Come Around to My House
1.5 I'm Gonna Put You Down
1.6 Poor Joe
1.7 Travellin' All Alone
1.8 Stop Goin' Through the Motions
1.9 He's in the Ring
1.10 Your Cheatin' Heart
1.11 Hold Them Puppies
1.12 I Ain't Got Nothin' But Time
1.13 I'm Gonna Sail Like a Ship on the Ocean
1.14 Yesterdays
1.15 Precious Memories

Kally Price & the Lazybirds: If You Like Good Cookin'. . .

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