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Kalmykova Tatyana: Russian Songs

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Artist: Kalmykova Tatyana
Title: Russian Songs

Tatiana Kalmykova - singer, composer, researcher of ancient Russian music. Born in 1976 in Moscow. Took part in a number of expeditions exploring Russian singing traditions in Smolensk, Bryansk, Belgorod and Vologda regions, Khakassia and Tuva. Tatyana Kalmykova is a student of the well known master and teacher of folklore, the founder and the head of ensemble of folk music Dmitry Pokrovsky. 'Studying tradition, I took part in numerous expeditions to various regions of Russia where met and adopted knowledge at their carriers - grandmothers, 'babushkas', old residents of these districts. In my projects I combine tradition, authentic singing and improvisation, - says the artist. In 2001 - festival Ustuu-Hure in Chadan (Tuva) devoted to restoration of an ancient Buddhist monastery. In Kyzyl during conversation with shaman Mongushem Kenin-Lopsanom, the founder of shamanistic centre 'Dungur', he has discovered my healing abilities and I was directed to work at the 'Tos-Deer' shamanistic centre («Nine heavens»). Projects: 1997 - «Mother SV?» project together with Elena Yakimova, also Dmitry Pokrovsky's student. We played some concerts in Moscow and left to travel. In Prague, «Mater SV?» took part in festivals, but a month later Elena has returned to Moscow, and I stayed in Czech for 2 years, taking part in 'Hookah-jazz' project with jazz musicians and also acted with solo project, taking a pseudonym «TANYA SVAHA». 1998 - I met «Ole Lukkoye» group in Brno and took part in 'Solips' ('Solar eclipse') festival in Hungary. In autumn of 1998 I returned to Russia to continue working with "Ole Lukkoe" group in Saint-Petersburg, making studio recordings and performing till 2003. With "Ole Lukkoe" we participated in many international festivals. 1999 - multimedia project «2012». Participating in festivals «Forces of light» (1999) in Finland, 'SKIF-4' (2000). 2003 - project with Alex Levin ("Vershki and Koreshki"), concerts in Holland. 2003 - project SWA, album «U-La-Ga-Do-U-La-Ga-Do». 2004 - projects with Sergey Sokolov (bass, double bass, electronics, composition). First performance: Peter and Paul Fortress festival. Then: festivals 'SKIF-2004', 'Sayansk Ring', festival of female vocalists in Moscow. 2004 - «Space Of Joy » tour to Finland, Germany, international Tance festival in Morocco «New year-2005». 2005 - new album with Serhey Sokolov "SWA Vesak", new album 'Manuscript'. Festivals: "Sisto Palkino", "Sayansk ring", 'Day out of time » (Space Of Joy community). Working in studio with Sergey Sokolov "SeVeRa". 2006 - festival «Day out of time». 2007 - Moscow, project with Sergey Starostin. 2008 - concerts with vocalist Maya Archipenko and solo performances, studio work. Festivals: «Sisto Palkino»: SWA and DJs, "Khan Altay" festival in Siberia, I-Petri Mountain festival in Ukraine.' 1. Maria. A young widow walks by the riverside weeping, her father-in-law consoles her - you'll see Lado (Love) in your life but I will never see my son. 2. I'll Sow My Sorrow. My sorrow will blossom with scarlet flowers, they are brighter than other flowers and my darling is nicer then other fellows. 3. Sadko (Bylina). Sadko sets off to the sea with his brave men loading his 30 ships with gold and jewels. 4. Oh My Sisters. Let's pick flowers, make garlands, throw them in the Danube river - yours will float and mine will sink, your sweethearts have returned from the war and mine haven't. 5. Ivan's Brothers. Set off, brothers, to four directions, get me four presents - a tooth-comb, a scarlet flower, a white shawl and a golden ring. 6. By the Sea. A young drake choose a duck from the flock and the other ducks start quacking. Young Vasya takes Pasha by her hand and other girls start crying. 7. River. Our river runs fast in it's high banks, our sweet Annushka sits grieving. 8. Man'ka. Man'ka spent all day running round the field, messing with bulls and climbing fur-trees. 9. A Duck Was Swimming. A drake met a duck with her wings drooped, said - flap you wings and let's fly over the sea. Maryushka sat weeping with her hair undone, Vanushka said: do your hair and let's go to another town. 10. Snowing. A young wife overhears her father-in-law scolding her husband for not whipping her and her husband saying that she's so sweet he can't do it. 11. Ivanushka (Lullaby). A girl is rocking her little brother to sleep teasing him with stories about their adult life. 12. War. Alyonushka wakes her brothers, she wants them to stop the war that is at their door and they assure her that they are armed and ready to protect her. 13. Hey, Lelim. The Holiday is coming, all the girls are so pretty. 14. Tatars (Lullaby). Tatars divide their prisoners and a mother-in-law becomes a slave of her son- in-law. She sings a lullaby to his baby: «You are a Tatar by your father and you are my grandson by your mother». 15. Ilya Muromets and a Hawker (Bylina). A story of the legendary hero meeting his son. 16. Buka /Bogeyman/. Hey, bogeyman, go to the hayloft, give horses some hay, don't look at our little Kolya, he will grow up and become a fisherman. 17. Puss (Lullaby). A puss found a sash in the forest, a pussy took it away and gave it to our Manechka. Don't curr, pussy, Manechka's getting asleep.

1.1 Maria
1.2 I'll Sow My Sorrow
1.3 Sadko (Bylina)
1.4 Oh My Sisters
1.5 Ivan's Brothers (Wedding Song)
1.6 By the Sea
1.7 River (Wedding Lament)
1.8 Man'ka
1.9 A Duck Was Swimming
1.10 Snowing
1.11 Ivanushka (Lullaby)
1.12 War
1.13 Hey, Lelim
1.14 Tatars (Lullaby)
1.15 Ilya Muromets and a Hawker (Bylina)
1.16 Buka (Lullaby)
1.17 Puss (Lullaby)

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