Kamikaze Radio

Kamikaze Radio: Sex Drugs & Sushi Rolls

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kamikaze Radio

Title: Sex Drugs & Sushi Rolls
Label: CD Baby

*LESS THAN 300 PRESSED CDS LEFT IN STOCK - AFTER THAT MP3 DOWNLOADS ONLY! POSTED 08-29-2007 -Kevin (Boy Kicks Girl and Kamikaze Radio brainchild/front man)* Like a phantom WWII Japanese Zero materializing from blue skies, and diving cool & steadfast towards an awestruck kill, KAMIKAZE RADIO aimed to conquer uncharted lands afar and won the hearts of legions. Deeply rooted in D.I.Y. old school punk ethics, KAMIKAZE RADIO contained an air of odd mystery, angst, personal modesty, professionalism, sheer musical talent, and a level of appreciation for fans that have since been long forgotten. Their first and only 100% self-produced 6 song EP entitled Sex, Drugs & Sushi Rolls was a testament to months of painstaking to-the-metal detail, love, devotion, sweat, and hard labor. With a sound more akin to the caffeine induced early years of 80s college radio punk, KAMIKAZE RADIO stepped the bar up further by infusing various other lifetime personal punk rock and 80s modern rock influences ranging from The Sex Pistols, The Damned, Ramones, Descendents, The Faction, Social Distortion, Rancid, Jawbreaker, The Pixies, NOFX, Green Day, and a bit of The Cure for good measure. There was a time when music had an important message to send, when music was inspirational and didn't dare bow down to FCC regulations and the politically correct pro-censorship Anti-American agenda. There was also a time when songs were engineered and recorded to capture a bands essence and massive energetic live sound, complete with feedback and noise in all of it's wonderful glory. Those days have since dwindled, passed, and died with major labels. And sadly, some big name independent punk labels are now releasing cookie cutter perfected albums so clean and polished, the overall sound has become as plastic as their mass produced CD media. KAMIKAZE RADIO hopes there are still are a few rebel purists in this crazy world who catch on, hitch a ride, who yearn for something different, and understand exactly where the band was coming from. KAMIKAZE RADIO was an interesting mish-mosh of musical talents, and varying ages, all of which allowed the band to have a much broader range of sound. Front man vocalist, guitarist, song writer, and brainchild of KAMIKAZE RADIO, Sick Boy, returned to the public spotlight after a secluded 5 year hiatus following the 2000 break up of his previous creation, the San Jose, CA Bay Areas very own BOY KICKS GIRL. During B.K.G.s 4 years of existence, the band quickly moved to the top of the Bay Areas hottest bands charts for college radio and CD sales, earned multiple awards for Best of the Bay Area, earned global recognition, toured relentlessly throughout the U.S.A., and acquired a massive underground cult following that still exists today. It was Sick Boys style of snotty, sarcastic, and aggressive music that quickly caught the fans attention, and gained their respect. New and old fans alike are pleased to know that the same core vibe and fan-friendly environment Sick Boy helped sustain in B.K.G. has been carried over into KAMIKAZE RADIO. The most exciting part of KAMIKAZE RADIO was the additional fresh talent which existed to help carry the music sonically far beyond anything B.K.G. could ever deliver. And it's those members of KAMIKAZE RADIO who deserved the real props. Both guitarist Vigilante Joe and drummer Justin X were 5 year veterans of the San Jose local band INFM. What Sick Boy was incapable of playing on guitars himself, Vigilante Joe picked up and added his own melodic style and haphazard riffs. Vigilante Joe is a natural at guitar, one of the funniest people you will ever meet, and is an amazingly genuine person all around. Justin X, the solid backbone of KAMIKAZE RADIO, shelled out insanely fast double time beats akin to Descendents drummer Bill Stevenson, pulled off blazing tom rolls, and did it all without breaking a sweat. Justin X is still today shrouded with intrigue and mystery, and his uncanny powers over women are always legendary. Bassist Eric Odd from KillDashNine completed the circle, adding such talent and jaw dropping skills to his bass playing, that he had to be heard in order to fully comprehend and appreciate the level of complexity he's truly capable of. Not only does Eric Odd play bass, but he's also an outstanding closet guitarist, drummer, electronics tech-head, UNIX nerd, and also engineered the initial tracking of KAMIKAZE RADIOs 6-song EP. A quiet and shy person at heart, Eric Odd is always bursting full of surprises and hot gas. The combined efforts and talents of KAMIKAZE RADIO were absolutely phenomenal, a monster of a live punk band in a tiny glass shell, and it's an honor to have been working with such fun loving, talented, and outstanding musicians, and friends. If there is one band that is going to put the CA Bay Area back on the map for great punk music, KAMIKAZE RADIO will be that band. You just don't know it yet. :)

1.1 So You Wanted a Love Song
1.2 Pariah Messiah
1.3 Platonic Bomb
1.4 A Red Sun Rising
1.5 The Sweetest Dream of All
1.6 Complicated Fun

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