Kane Hodder

Kane Hodder: Frank Exploration Of Voyeurism and Violence

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Artist: Kane Hodder

Artist: Kane Hodder
Title: Frank Exploration Of Voyeurism and Violence

This is the first release by Kane Hodder. Kane Hodder is a five-piece, sometimes-indie-rock, sometimes-hardcore, band from Western Washington. Kane Hodder's energetic live shows have caught the eyes of many in the area and spawned a large following of people who call themselves the Hodder Army. Kane Hodder draws upon influences from both the worlds of music and film. Using this formula, their EP a Frank Exploration of Voyeurism and Violence, uses various films to make analogies for and makes studies of violence, hate, ware-fare, etc., and their place within society, and presenting their own reaction to this as well. This EP was recorded by T. Dallas Reed, formerly of the Treepeople, at Temple Sound over the course of five Days.

1.1 Aboard the Leper Colony
1.2 Simona Checks Bettys Corpse
1.3 Attack on Tir Asleen
1.4 Duke Has Died and Cancer Has Killed Him
1.5 Queen of Suburban Legend
1.6 David Lo Pan Versus Jack Burton

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