K'Annibal Woman

K'Annibal Woman: K'annibal Woman

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Product Type: CD
Artist: K'Annibal Woman

Title: K'annibal Woman
Label: CD Baby

Band: K'Annibal Woman Album: K'Annibal Woman K'Annibal Woman!s self-titled CD will eat you alive with some hard-hitting head-banging rock n roll. This album has track after track that doesn't stop for breath through the last track. It crosses between worlds of heavy metal and alt punk rock with a one-two punch that will leave you breathless just listening. Fans of Pennywise, Rage Against the Machine, AFI and Ozzy Osbourne will all quickly add this album to their favorites. Track #1 Headhunters Coming at you with speed punk tempo screaming guitar and heavy metal gravely vocals, you will be sure your head will be hunted down by these wild rockers. This song captures raw energy setting the tone for the whole album. Track #4 Sweet Love This song is a more melodic side of the album. Female vocals stand out with some surprisingly sweet harmonies. But don!t expect anything light and fluffy. This still has hard heavy guitar with ominous overtones. Track #9 Fire on the Water! Rocking with alt punk meets heavy metal clashing in screaming guitars and guttural powerful vocals. Harmonies as powerful as early X albums fill out the sound. Like fire and water, this song has everything you need and more for a respectable mosh-pit.

1.1 Headhunter's
1.2 Fever
1.3 Coming for You
1.4 Sweet Love
1.5 Stomp-In
1.6 Warrior
1.7 Rez Rat
1.8 Ghost People
1.9 Fire on the Water
1.10 War Canoe's

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