Kara Nomadica

Kara Nomadica: Kara Nomadica

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kara Nomadica

Title: Kara Nomadica
Label: CD Baby

Kara Nomadica is a fusion of ancient and exotic instruments from the Middle-East, North Africa, and Australia. This CD captures a fresh new sound that is driven by traditional iqaat (rhythms) and maqamat (micro-tonal scales) of Turkey and the Arab world. The band's original compositions attain a truly unique synergy while also breathing new life into a select repertoire of traditional Middle-Eastern classics. Denver music reviewer John Zwick says, 'Kara Nomadica is what happens when you bring together a mess of overqualified music geeks with Middle Eastern instruments you've never heard of...it's a damn captivating sound.' Kara Nomadica's wide range of instrumentation includes Arabic tabla, baglama saz, bendir, darbukka, davul, dholla, didjeridoo, fretless electric bass, muzzar, ney, oud, riq, shruti box, synthesizer, voice, and many others. It's members have well over a century of combined musical experience.

1.1 Arainia
1.2 Ottoman Lobotomy
1.3 Hashashiyyin
1.4 Darbukastan
1.5 We've Never Met
1.6 Saz Taqsim
1.7 Mastom Mastom
1.8 Out of the Erg
1.9 Oud Taqsim
1.10 Bad Pumpkin
1.11 Serpent's Tongue
1.12 Dulcinea
1.13 Tamr Henna
1.14 Bela Shah

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