Kara Suzanne

Kara Suzanne: Aumsville

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kara Suzanne

Title: Aumsville
Label: CD Baby

Were there any doubt as to whether Rock & Roll and Country music was still promisingly alive, Kara Suzanne is wailing, kicking proof of it's everlasting relevance. Her lyrics and vocal delivery bare the influence of songwriters such as Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, and Dolly Parton, and hearken even further back into the well of the folk tradition. Yet, with an innate, almost predestined sense, she manages to do it with an undeniably classic but updated sensibility. Of Kara Suzanne and the brawny, ever-formidable Gojo Hearts, people have been taking notice for some time. The Gojo Hearts are Steve Lewis on guitars, Jay Frederick on drums, Jordan Scannella on bass and Dave Cieri on piano. Aside from garnering increasing popularity from their shows at the Sundance, Nantucket, and Hampton Film Festivals, and in esteemed New York venues (Irving Plaza, The Living Room, Southpaw, and Luna Lounge), Kara's debut album 'Aumsville' recently won Best Album of the Year Vox Populi from the Independent Music Awards. This band, simply put, is a veracious force. For more information contact info@karasuzanne.com.

1.1 Stumblin'
1.2 Purgatory
1.3 Congratulations
1.4 I Promise
1.5 Ritalin
1.6 Look Up
1.7 Eleven
1.8 Growup
1.9 Libertina
1.10 Lucky Girl
1.11 All the Children

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