Karaoke Klassics

Karaoke Klassics: Great Standards 3

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Product Type: CD

Title: Great Standards 3
Label: CD Baby

Karaoke (????, from Japanese kara(?), \'empty,\' and okesutora, \'orchestra\'), is a form of entertainment in which singers sing along with pre-recorded music. The music is typically a well-known pop song. Karaoke Klassics\' Series: \'Great Standards\' brings the American Standards Songbook to life with some of the best and most sought after studio musicians across the country. Vocal reference versions are included featuring Jennifer Ivester, Connye Florance & Dana Sedgwick. Step up to the microphone!

1.1 As Time Goes By (Karaoke Version)
1.2 As Time Goes By (With Reference Vocal)
1.3 Our Love Is Here to Stay (Karaoke Version)
1.4 Our Love Is Here to Stay (With Reference Vocal)
1.5 Laura (Karaoke Version)
1.6 Laura (With Reference Vocal)
1.7 Let's Fall in Love (Karaoke Version)
1.8 Let's Fall in Love (With Reference Vocal)
1.9 Coffee Time (Karaoke Version)
1.10 Coffee Time (With Reference Vocal)
1.11 Dream a Little Dream of Me (Karaoke Version)
1.12 Dream a Little Dream of Me (With Reference Vocal)
1.13 Affair to Remember (Karaoke Version)
1.14 Affair to Remember (With Reference Vocal)
1.15 La Vie en Rose (Karaoke Version)
1.16 La Vie en Rose (With Reference Vocal)

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