Karen Callaway Williams

Karen Callaway Williams: Rhythms for Ruby

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Title: Rhythms for Ruby
Label: CD Baby

Rhythms for Ruby is a half hour audio book. Based on a true story, it is about a little girl (Gabriella) who has had her first tap dance recital and her friend Ruby, who is now in a wheelchair after having just come back to the school classroom after recuperating from being in a terrible car accident and losing her leg. Gabriella's tap dance teacher tells her about the famous, real life, one legged tap dancer Clayton 'Peg Leg' Bates (1907-1998) and she decides that she wants her friend to have a special leg and be able to tap dance too. The book is for children and this is as graphic as it gets. The blurb on the back of this audio book reads as follows: With prayer, determination and creative thoughtfulness, Gabriella finds a way to help her friend Ruby overcome the obstacles of her disability. Through tap dance and with the help of Mrs. Stevens, Mr. Marsh, and Miss. Karen, her tap dance teacher, Gabriella brings the whole community together with a single-minded goal. %100 of the money from the sale of this book goes to Ruby, a childhood friend of Karen Callaway Williams who lost her leg when she was hit by a car with the intent to raise $100,000 to pay off Ruby's medical bills and aquire a special leg that matches her skin and doesn't hurt .

1.1 Intro
1.2 Try Anyway
1.3 Show and Tell
1.4 The Final Dance Class
1.5 Help Me Please
1.6 Get Right to It
1.7 Mr. Marsh's Office
1.8 It Takes Money
1.9 The Sign Up Sheet
1.10 School-Wide Event
1.11 What's Your Rhythm?
1.12 Front Page News
1.13 Say Yes and Follow Through
1.14 Rhythms for Ruby

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