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Karen Drucker: Power of Women

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Artist: Karen Drucker

Artist: Karen Drucker
Title: Power of Women

"Power Of Women" is a compilation of all the songs from my previous 11 CDs that have the message of empowerment, inspiration and hope. My first compilation CD " The Heart Of Healing" was a collection of all my healing chants and songs for anyone going through cancer treatments or any kind of recovery. My intention with this CD is to put all my songs with the message of empowerment together for women ( and maybe men too!) who need that extra boost of encouragement for whatever is going on in your life. My hope is that these songs find their way to women who might be in domestic violence situations, women in recovery, or women\'s groups that encourage women to find and claim their own power. It\'s a path that has many twists and turns for me, and now, at 50, I can say I am feeling the effects of all the work I have done and it is fabulous. As I step into my power and allow my light to shine ( without constantly worrying if I am begin "too much" or if people will like me!) I notice how that Marianne Williamson quote is so true: "When we allow ourselves to shine we give each other permission to do the same ..." My wish for you in listening to this album is that you will feel your power, acknowledge your strengths and feel that sweet connection we have as women, sisters and friends. 1. The Power Of Women I facilitate many women\'s retreats and am always amazed at the power that happens when women get together. I truly believe in the idea of one of the lines from this song: that women will heal the world. This song has opened many women\'s conferences and I love singing it and seeing women holding hands and singing along. 2. What One Woman Can Be I work with some amazing speakers/authors. One of my favorite people to do women\'s retreats with is Rev Mary Manin Morrissey. Mary's title for one of our retreats was so perfect I knew it had to be a song. It features some of my favorite themes: empowerment, courage, and going for your dreams. 3. On My Way I wrote this for a woman\'s shelter that I performed for and dedicated it to the women with the courage to leave their abusive situations. I love the line " I don't know where I'm going but I'm on my way!" Sometimes that\'s all we can really know... and just put one foot in front of the other. 4. Lighten Up If I were to have a main philosophy or message it is probably this one. I need to remember that it is not all that serious and that when I lighten up about anything that I am going through, miracles can happen. 5. I Am So Blessed Sometimes all we need to get back on track when the world seems too much, is simply to remember what we are grateful for. This simple chant can be like a daily reminder to stop, think about what you are grateful for and just sing along with me " I am so blessed, I am so grateful for all that I have..." 6. You Are Loved This song is a reminder to myself and to anyone who needs to have that validation, that no matter who you are or what you do you are always loved. 7. Gentle With Myself If there is one thing I have to monitor myself on it's that negative voice that can come in and say " Oh Drucker you blew it again!" I was going through a hard time, and a very insightful friend said " Would you talk to a child the way you are talking to yourself right now?" It made me realize that I needed to really practice the art of being gentle with myself, so this simple chant helps me in those moments when I forget! 8. Beauty in You In many of the women\'s retreats that I co-facilitate I am always amazed how many women (including myself) don't realize the power, courage and beauty that they are. They think it's something outside of them, and if they just worked harder ( or lost 10 pounds!) then they would be O.K. This song is a reminder to all of us, that we have these qualities already and we just need to claim it. 9. Look Good I read the story of Evy McDonnell, who was diagnosed with ALS and given about 6 months to live. Evy decided that she wanted to love herself and her body before the end came. She created an exercise of looking in the mirror everyday and finding something good about herself. It took some time but eventually she was able to really accept and love herself and the miracle is that Evy was cured and living a full life today. So I figured if Evy could do it so could I. I created this fun song to help in the process! 10. N O Is My New Yes I admit it, I am a people pleaser and sometimes it is just hard for me to say no. This is my anthem to myself about how important it is to trust in my heart and say yes to what feels right and no to what feels wrong. My favorite line in this song is: "What good is my giving, how authentic , how true - when I cheat me just to please you? " 11. I Wish For You I wrote this song for all my friends who have gone through rites of passage (graduation, leaving home, my friends ordination into the Ministry, etc.) and I realized it just comes down to wishing them love on their journey. 12. Let It Shine I have been a person who would have a fear of being too much, worrying about what people would think etc. -- well no more! This song is about getting out there and shining my light and encouraging us all to do the same. As Marianne Willliamson has said: " It is our light not our darkness that frightens us ". This song is about going for your dreams and allowing your big bright brilliant beam of radiant light shine!

1.1 Power of Women
1.2 What One Woman Can Be
1.3 On My Way
1.4 Lighten Up
1.5 I Am So Blessed
1.6 You Are Loved
1.7 Gentle with Myself
1.8 Beauty in You
1.9 I Look Good
1.10 N-O Is My New Yes
1.11 I Wish for You
1.12 Let It Shine

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