Karen Keyhani: Only That Spark & Nothing More / Va: Karen Keyhani: Only That Spark & Nothing More / Various

Karen Keyhani: Only That Spark & Nothing More / Va: Karen Keyhani: Only That Spark & Nothing More / Various
Title: Karen Keyhani: Only That Spark & Nothing More / Various
Label: CD Baby

"To Her Beautiful Eyes' for String Quartet (in one movement), written in the fall of 2010, is the final piece in the collection titled "Loneliness". It was recorded primarily by Talalyan String Quartet at the Komitas Chamber Music Hall (Yerevan), but later was performed in Roudaki Hall, Tehran May 2013 by Scheherazade String Quartet. Scheherazade Quartet: Tina Jamehgarmi, violin I Sunowa Andalibi, violin II Parisa Pirzadeh, viola Negar Norad, cello "Only That Spark and Nothing More 'for Solo Oboe, was composed in the summer of 2012. The title is driven from a verse by the Persian poet Bidel Dehlavi (1642-1720) referring to the Persian love legend "Shirin & Farhad": The sound of Farhad's pickax was heard no more, Those hills had only that spark and nothing more... This is the first solo from a five-piece collection titled "Nightly Monologues". It has been premiered in Roudaki Hall, Tehran May 2013. The score of the piece has been separately published in August 2013 by Part publication, Tehran. In September 2013, "Only That Spark and Nothing More" was performed for the second time in 'London New Wind Festival' by the oboist and director of this festival Catherine Pluygers. Soloist: Nazanin Ahmadzadeh, oboe "The Last Color' for Flute and Piano (in seven movements), was composed in the fall of 2012. It is the final piece to the collection titled "Colorful Pieces". The recurring poetic theme through the entire piece is the battle between good and evil and the constant recurrence of each in a new color on the palette of life until one can not distinguish them apart. In the final chord only a single color remains. 'The Last Color' is premiered in Roudaki Hall, Tehran in May 2013. Performers: Mehrdad Gholami, flute Maryam Mehraban, piano "His Name is Man" for Piano Four Hands (in two movements), composed in the year 2009, is inspired by the poem "Aashti" (reconciliation) by contemporary Persian poet Ahmad Shamloo (1925-2000). God's voice is heard in the opening of the first movement: in utter silence, God contemplates over the way out of His loneliness. Then, creation begins... In the second movement, Man -alone- looks back at the story of his life over the centuries, in search of meaning, that he finds none. The oldest composition in the current collection, "His Name is Man" was submitted as the composer's Master's thesis, awarded the best composition- thesis of the year 2010 in Tehran Art University (the piece is originally written for symphonic orchestra). It has also appeared in YCMF Contemporary Music Festival the same season. "His Name is Man" has been appeared in the album "Verses of the Night" (Hooshyar Khayam, contemporary Music Record, 2011). Performers: Karan Salajegheh, piano I Hooshyar Khayam, piano II "... And His Cuff Was Damped with Tears 'for Persian String Quartet (in one movement), is composed in the summer of 2012once more inspired by Ahmad Shamloo from his poem "Said the Canary". The original motivation for writing the piece came to me during the first live performance of Chahargan Ensemble in Tehran, where I was an audience to. Apart from the stunning sonic quality of the Persian string quartet in terms of timbre and microtonal abilities, what attracted my attention most was the true potentials of experimentation in the realm of contemporary music, both in it's style and in techniques for writing specifically for Persian instruments. "... And His Cuff was Damped with Tears" is dedicated to Chahargan Ensemble and is premiered by them in Roudaki Hall in October 2012. In November 2013 the piece was released in the album 'Possible Worlds vol.2' (various artists) by Spectropol Records. The piece has also been arranged for Western string quartet. "The hollow, sad look in her eyes, few seconds before they burst into tears, never left my sight throughout the movement" the composer recalls. Chahargan Quartet: Ehsan Zabihifar, kamancheh I Morteza Mokhtari, kamancheh II Shima Shahmohammadi, alto gheychak Bita Ghasemi, bass gheychak.

1.1 To Her Beautiful Eyes (For String Quartet) - Tina Jamehgarmi
1.2 Only That Spark and Nothing More (For Solo Oboe) - Nazanin Ahmadzadeh
1.3 The Last Color (For Flute and Piano) - Mehrdad Gholami
1.4 His Name Is Man (For Piano Four Hands) - Karan Salajeghe
1.5 ... And His Cuff Was Damped with Tears (For Persian String Quartet) - Ehsan Zabihifar

Karen Keyhani: Only That Spark & Nothing More / Va: Karen Keyhani: Only That Spark & Nothing More / Various

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