Karen & Kids

Karen & Kids: O the Wonder

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Karen & Kids

Artist: Karen & Kids
Title: O the Wonder

This is the newest CD from the popular Radio Ministry- Karen & Kids. This is great recording with songs that tell the story of Daniel, teach the lesson of John 15- I'm Connected to YOU, Father Abraham,and celebrate God's love with praise and thanks. See why churches all around the world are using our music for worship and teaching. It's sure to be a favorite with Karen & Kids fans!! Bonus track- dance & praise video.

1.1 I'm Connected to You
1.2 The Lord Has Made His Light Shine
1.3 Follow Me
1.4 Father Abraham
1.5 O the Wonder!
1.6 The Bible Tells Me So
1.7 Praise Be to the Lord
1.8 I Thank You
1.9 The Daniel Song
1.10 That's Who I Am
1.11 I Am Forgiven
1.12 May the Lord

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