Karen McMillen

Karen McMillen: Man of Sorrows

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Karen McMillen

Title: Man of Sorrows
Label: CD Baby

I grew up in a very musical family. My father played guitar and my mother played the violin. We as a family would often get out our instruments and sing and play music for fun and for special occasions. We always enjoyed singing parts and harmonizing together. I believe the music I have written reflects the many styles of music I listened to growing up. Artists like Gordon Lightfoot and Peter, Paul and Mary to mention a few. I started playing guitar when I was 12 years old and learned quickly having a pretty good ear for music. Later I began playing in a contemporary Christian group writing much of the material that we performed. In the 80\'s I joined a 50 - 60\'s rock band called \'The Teen Angels\'. This helped me with stage presence and performing in public. In the 1990\'s I along with another band member formed a group called \'The Stick Ponies\'. We played a variety of styles including blues, alternative rock, classic rock and motown. During the past few years I have been doing my own originals which has been quite exciting-and a lesson in patience! Over all I am thankful to God that He has given me this opportunity to serve others with the gifts He has given me and I am grateful for my family and their contribution to my life; a conribution which has served in shaping me into the individual that I am today and helped me in the accomplishments that I have made in my life. Thank-you sincerely and God bless. Karen McMillen.

1.1 Man of Sorrows
1.2 Psalm 40
1.3 Give a Little of Your Love
1.4 He's There
1.5 Leaving a Legacy
1.6 Rose Colored Glasses
1.7 A Gospel Tune
1.8 The Lord's Prayer
1.9 See I Make All Things New
1.10 Do You Know?
1.11 Ballad of the King of Kings
1.12 I'd Rather Have Jesus
1.13 Blessed Trinity

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