Karen Mueller

Karen Mueller: Solo Autoharp

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Artist: Karen Mueller

Artist: Karen Mueller
Title: Solo Autoharp

Acclaimed autoharpist Karen Mueller has dazzled listeners across the US and overseas with her precise melody picking and dynamic arrangements. The press has noted that 'Karen Mueller's touch, timing and taste make her a true virtuoso. Her talent and clarity of musical vision deserve a wide audience' (Bluegrass Unlimited). And "In the hands of a few gifted people, the Autoharp can swell into the sound of a whole orchestra. Karen Mueller is one of those few" (Minneapolis Star Tribune). This new EP showcases Karen's talents in a wonderful collection of international tunes, all performed on solo autoharp. Many of the tunes have never been performed or recorded on the autoharp before. The CD also includes the sheet music + autoharp tab on the CD itself (not downloadable), so you can learn the tunes yourself. Beginning with the Chilean tune 'La Partida,' the listener is transported to the mysterious Andes, as the tune starts out quietly and builds to a dramatic conclusion. Next comes the stately Welsh hymn tune 'Hyfrydol.' Two minor Swedish tunes follow, one traditional and the other contemporary (by Anders Norudde), then a pair of lively Irish jigs. The collection concludes with a medley starting with the lovely Irish harp air 'Bridget Cruise' by O'Carolan, moving on to the jaunty 'Christmas Day Ida Morning' (Shetland Island), and concluding with full steam in 'Far From Home,' a Shetland dance tune. It's an album you'll want to listen to over and over, and learn to play the tunes from the sheet music on the enhanced CD.

1.1 La Partida
1.2 Hyfrydol
1.3 Grannens Bastu / Konvulsionslåten
1.4 Larry O'Gaff / Kesh Jig
1.5 Bridget Cruise, Third Air / Christmas Day Ida Morning / Far from Home

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