Karen Young

Karen Young: Words on the Wind

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Artist: Karen Young

Artist: Karen Young
Title: Words on the Wind

Acoustic melodies, electric leads, keyboard accents, an exotic drum solo combined with the sound of a lulling strings are all integral parts to Karen Youngs new collection of songs. Check out Karenyoung.com for a full biography. Her sound is a different kind of CD experience.

1.1 Runaway Girl
1.2 Silver Bracelet
1.3 Lake Song
1.4 Shy People
1.5 Sadie
1.6 No Name
1.7 You're My Gift
1.8 Rhapsody Blues
1.9 Wilderness World
1.10 Songwriters Song
1.11 Willow
1.12 Spring Thaw
1.13 Time
1.14 New Friend

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