Karger Hall: Karger Hall

Karger Hall: Karger Hall
Title: Karger Hall
Label: CD Baby

Song-lover's dream: moving, grooving, trippingly poetic soft, sensual contralto - the soul's language - slippery blues-tinged guitars roots intuitive groove sublime 70's AM radio production 'Pop perfection in glorious abandon.' - More Sugar Magazine 'What they do is deliver some of the most powerful original songs to come out of New York in recent, or even not so recent memory. Inspired, fleshed-out and well crafted originals. These songs answer a hunger, deep and too often denied - the endless appetite for a great song.' - More Sugar Magazine 'BEST BAND OF 2000!' - Westchester County Weekly readers' poll.

1.1 Call Home
1.2 I Saw You Fly
1.3 The Truth
1.4 Limit
1.5 Roof of My Room
1.6 Again
1.7 In My Heart
1.8 Carlos 'Right or Wrong'
1.9 Segura (I'm Sure)
1.10 Dangerous

Karger Hall: Karger Hall

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