Karin Leitner: Skymagic

Karin Leitner: Skymagic
Title: Skymagic
Label: CD Baby

MUSIC FROM HEAVEN-KISSING THE EARTH A filmic orchestral soundtrack, this classical cross-over album will enchant and uplift like the two previous ones (Earthmagic and Seamagic). Dedicated to air, it describes this element in it's essence and the music is coloured by beautiful, inspiring places in this world. This music inspires dreams, it is composed for flute, Irish tinwhistle, harp and orchestra with choirs, singers and celtic instruments. Let your soul be transported to it's inner sanctuary-and breathe!

1.1 Ouverture Skymagic
1.2 Starry Sky
1.3 Carousel de Montmartre
1.4 Pie Jesu
1.5 Spanish Sky
1.6 Zefiro Veneziano
1.7 Late Night at Finnegan's
1.8 Irish Mist
1.9 Moment in Time
1.10 Ariel the Skydancer
1.11 Midnight Dreamer
1.12 Hymnus Nocturnalis
1.13 Eagles' Flight

Karin Leitner: Skymagic

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