Karl Bartos: Off the Record

Karl Bartos: Off the Record
Title: Off the Record
Label: Bureau B
Product Type: VINYL LP

LP pressing includes a CD. Karl Bartos is well-known as one-quarter of the "classic" Kraftwerk line-up. Many of their most influential rhythms and memorable melodies were actually conceived in his home studio. They would later be used on an unstoppable succession of hits from the Düsseldorf band as they ascended to the lofty heights of popular music culture. As a major contributor to "The Man-Machine" (1978) and "Computer World" (1981) Bartos has had a decisive influence on Kraftwerk's music. Rolling Stone author Mike Rubin says of this years: "there's something timeless and universal about their songwriting of this period." Karl Bartos' new album is an audio-visual sensation! Lost for many years, some of his early music has been reconceived and re-contextualized in a thrilling modern setting. Here's the story: during Kraftwerk's heyday Karl Bartos wrote - off the record - a secret acoustic diary. Based on his musical jottings - rhythms, riffs, hooks, sounds, chords and melodies - this is what he has come up with today: twelve brand new, exciting, timeless songs.

1.1 Atomium
1.2 Nachtfahrt
1.3 International Velvet
1.4 Without a Trace of Emotion
1.5 The Binary Code
1.6 Musica Ex Machina
1.7 The Tuning of the World
1.8 Instant Bayreuth
1.9 Vox Humana
1.10 Rhythmus
1.11 Silence
1.12 Hausmusik
2.1 Atomium
2.2 Nachtfahrt
2.3 International Velvet
2.4 Without a Trace of Emotion
2.5 The Binary Code
2.6 Musica Ex Machina
2.7 The Tuning of the World
2.8 Instant Bayreuth
2.9 Vox Humana
2.10 Rhythmus
2.11 Silence
2.12 Hausmusik

Karl Bartos: Off the Record

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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