Karl Dietel

Karl Dietel: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Karl Dietel

Title: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself
Label: CD Baby

Presenting the debut CD from Karl Dietel, keyboard player of the road warrior touring band The Samples. This disc contains fourteen tightly written, catchy tunes with clever hooks and thoughtful lyrics. His piano work recalls the Turnstiles/Stranger era of Billy Joel, but his melodies and structure are here and now. There is stellar playing throughout from various backing musicians mostly culled from the central Jersey session pool, and 'She Said' features Sean Kelly's soaring vocal chorus. Themes of sexual politics and redemption within a suspicious and medicated society are wrapped in harmonies and hooks that stay with you from the first listen. An excellent debut from a versatile, seasoned musician!

1.1 An Invitation (Don't You Wanna?)
1.2 Juliet
1.3 Sever Me
1.4 If I Could (A Shade of Doubt)
1.5 Blur
1.6 She Said
1.7 After All
1.8 Medicated Woman
1.9 Fuzzy Dice
1.10 Ready
1.11 Mona Lisa
1.12 One for You
1.13 Confidence
1.14 Remember, Love

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