Karl & the Marx Brothers

Karl & the Marx Brothers: Angry Folk

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Artist: Karl & the Marx Brothers
Title: Angry Folk

The band mix the personal and the political with original material and came together just over 2 years ago after various long term absences from music or anything artistic. Family life and work come first and second, and then there's Karl and the Marx Brothers. No one is either called Karl or related.

1.1 The Right Loose Change
1.2 Colvin's Blues
1.3 I Believe in You
1.4 Pocketful of Rain (Our Shirley)
1.5 Let's Get Back to the Feeling of Hate (LP)
1.6 Big Wide Smile
1.7 The Relative Innocence of David Laws (LP)
1.8 You and Your Wooden-Head
1.9 Rhymes with Blancmange (LP)
1.10 That's What Drinks Are for
1.11 This Beautiful Pointless Exercise

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