Karl Wohlwend

Karl Wohlwend: Out of Italy

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Artist: Karl Wohlwend

Artist: Karl Wohlwend
Title: Out of Italy

Karl Wohlwend's second solo guitar recording, 'Out of Italy,' features music by the composers Francesco Molino, Luigi Legnani, Giulio Regondi, and Marco Aurelio Zani de Ferranti. Though the classical guitar is often considered to have strong associations with Spain, the instrument's deepest roots come from the Italian-speaking lands. This rich tradition of repertoire has been unduly neglected - one doesn't need to dig very far to unearth delightful and masterfully-crafted music that is full of passion, drama and lyricism. Those familiar with the well-worn material of Fernando Sor, Mauro Giuliani, and Dionisio Aguado will find here a pleasant surprise. The recording is best heard in it's entirety, with the tracks played in order. The brief-but-inventive Preludes of Molino make excellent 'antipasti' for the 'primi' found in the dramatic Caprices of Legnani, which in turn, prepare the palate for the most satisfying 'secondi' of the highly refined Etudes of Giulio Regondi. The Opus 11 Caprices of Marco Aurelio Zani de Ferranti have never before been committed to record. These pieces represent the virtuoso repertoire of the 19th century guitar in all of it's flash and glory.

1.1 Prelude in C Major
1.2 Caprice, Op. 20 No. 1
1.3 Etude 1
1.4 Prelude in E minor
1.5 Caprice, Op. 20 No. 2
1.6 Etude 4
1.7 Prelude in A minor
1.8 Caprice, Op. 20 No. 4
1.9 Etude 5
1.10 Prelude in a Major
1.11 Caprice, Op. 20 No. 7
1.12 Etude 9
1.13 Prelude in G Major
1.14 Caprice, Op. 20 No. 3
1.15 Etude 8
1.16 Caprice, Op. 11 No. 1 in C Major - Presto
1.17 Caprice, Op. 11 No. 2 in G Major- Allegro
1.18 Caprice, Op. 11 No. 3 in D Major - Andante
1.19 Caprice, Op. 11 No. 4 in B-Flat Major - Allegro Spiritoso
1.20 Caprice, Op. 11 No. 5 in E minor - Allegro Con Fuoco
1.21 Caprice, Op. 11 No. 6 in E Major - Allegro Moderato/Allegretto Con Moto
1.22 Caprice, Op. 11 No. 7 in a Major - Presto
1.23 Caprice, Op. 11 No. 8 in F-Sharp minor - Allegretto Grazioso

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