Karla: No Regrets

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Artist: Karla

Artist: Karla
Title: No Regrets

This artist has no regrets. For what seemed at the time to be unseen forces holding her back when fellow-artist soared in the music industry was only an illusion. It was all to the good. It gave her the opportunity to perfect her style and emerge a more seasoned performer. Karla believes that with every disappointment comes with it more opportunities for growth. When performing live, people often tell her that she is a mixture of Stephanie Mills, Patty Labelle, Aretha Franklin, and Whitney Houston all rolled up into one. Performing for the audience is her greatest source of joy. Karla says, 'It's when I feel most alive'. Learning to take life one moment at a time was the greatest gift I could have been given. I've spent most of my life running after a dream and not living. I now run after living in the moment and my dreams come-a-callin', and for that I am truly grateful'. Karla is so glad that I have all the supporters that any artist who has yet to reach the acclaim of other major artists could ask for. Karla goes on to say, 'Yes I am a Baby Boomer and I am proud of it too'. "I want to inspire other artists that are in their 40s and beyond that life in music does not end or begin at a certain age. I want to inspire women my age that our life has just begun." Her style is a mixture of the old and the new. Karla has been given a great opportunity to work with an original member of the Ohio Players, Billy Beck. "Billy is a musical genius; Karla, Billy Beck as well as Executive producer StingRay co-wrote 'Too Little Too Late (I Got Love)'. Ray Brooks (StingRay) another phenomenal artist and composer from Karla's hometown came to Karla at an outside concert where she was a guest performer and told her that he wanted to do a whole CD project at no cost. Talk about opportunities and blessings! Ray Brooks (StingRay) puts out an artist once a year at no costs as his way of giving back to God and the community. Check out the songs that he is featured on as one of the best-undiscovered guitarist on the planet. StingRay provided most of the music for the entire CD project. Then we have Karla's first cousin, Antwon Snyder another gifted musician, composer, and all around talented young man who wrote two of the songs on the CD, 'Fallin and 'That's The Way It Is'. StingRay gives Track # 9 a Roger Troutman feel. Check it out, "Old Skool Funk". Billy Beck also allowed Karla to cover 'As We Lay' on this CD, a song that he and Larry Troutman co-wrote for Shirley Murdock. "It was an extreme pleasure working with 'one-solid human being', Billy Beck of whom I get the extreme honor to call brother. He has always been on my team. He and his wonderful and supportive wife Gail Beck are truly my family and I love them very much. They are always the same people day in and day out. I can depend on their steady and constant support". But, none of this would be possible without the love and support of her wonderful husband and best friend, Larry Seldon and her son Kevin Kimbrough of the United States Air Force. They have stood by her side through all the failures and success stories. Let Karla's songs fill your ears with different levels of emotions because that's where her songs will take you. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

1.1 Sound of Music
1.2 Let's Get Away
1.3 Sister
1.4 Fallin'
1.5 That's the Way It Is
1.6 Too Late (I Got Love)
1.7 Love Is a Constant Rhythm
1.8 A Million Reasons
1.9 Old Skool Funk
1.10 Cold World
1.11 As We Lay
1.12 His Eye Is on the Sparrow

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