Karnivool: Themata

Karnivool: Themata
Title: Themata
Label: Independent

Australian pressing. After forming in 1998 Karnivool are by no means newcomers to the local music scene in Perth, however, it has been a long time coming for the release of their debut album, Themata. The album was recorded during the majority of last year in Melbourne after the band made a similar move to bands before them, such as good mates Full Scale. Independent. 2005.

1.1 Cote
1.2 Themata
1.3 Shutterspeed
1.4 Fear of the Sky
1.5 Roquefort
1.6 L1Fel1Ke
1.7 Scarabs
1.8 Sewn and Silent
1.9 Mauseum
1.10 Synops
1.11 Omitted for Clarity
1.12 Change (Part 1)

Karnivool: Themata

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