Kasual: Everythingz Done Kasually

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Artist: Kasual

Artist: Kasual
Title: Everythingz Done Kasually

Kasual, 24, Born in Brooklyn, NY moved out to Long Island at the age of fourteen and started rapping at the age of sixteen. His major influences are legends of Hip Hop Rakim and Big Daddy Kane added with top-selling rappers Mase and Fabolous making him a dangerous combination. He knew that he wanted to make an impact on the game at an early age. Kasual played basketball his whole life and thought that it would be his calling after being successful and playing in college. But he was intrigued by music, he loved rapping and getting a reaction from the people and his fans. Kasual is a born entertainer, it comes natural for him and he brings something different to the game. He has an awkward delivery with a contagious flow that he has perfected with cocky bars and an attitude to go with it. He has the potential to become a platinum selling artist. After linking up with On The Grind Entertainment Kasual now has the material to be distributed by a major label that accommodates his style of Hip Hop. He has a star quality that you can not help but see. Anyone around him knows that there is something special and different about this artist. Kasual's goal in the industry is to make a name for himself and give the world a chance to hear what he has to say. He looks to achieve world wide recognition and is in no way shy to tell you how ready he is. Given the right opportunity Kasual will achieve his goal of becoming a platinum selling artist. He has performed in all major clubs in New York City and the Tri-State area, add that with great collaborations with Akon and JL Cotter and you have celebrity just waiting to be found. And he'll do it his way....Kasually.

1.1 California
1.2 Espero
1.3 Hate on Me
1.4 I Wasn't Meant for You
1.5 If You Want I Got It
1.6 My Baby Don't Care
1.7 Ride You Like a 64
1.8 Sex with You
1.9 Go Ahead Mami
1.10 I Don't Know Why

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