Katalepsy: Gravenous Hour

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Katalepsy

Artist: Katalepsy
Title: Gravenous Hour
Product Type: VINYL LP

The Russian metal band Katalepsy released their second full-length album "Gravenous Hour". The record released on May 27 2016 via Unique Leader Records (USA). The album cover was created by Smerdulak, who previously worked on the art for Nabaath's LP "Common Graves".

1.1 In the Dark of Stars
1.2 Blinded Sultan
1.3 To the Lords of Nihil
1.4 Critical Black Mass
1.5 The Long Bright Darkness
1.6 Monastary of Nothing
1.7 After Omega
1.8 Grave New World
1.9 Ghoul Inquisitor
1.10 Tephra
1.11 In the River of Red

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