Katalyst: Katalyst

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Katalyst

Title: Katalyst
Label: CD Baby

'Melodically, [the songs] have a good flow and vocal[s] have a good tone and delivery. Interesting dynamic[s] - stylistically feels pop...[with] a retro approach.' - TAXI Feedback, 2004 A popular staple of night clubs in and around it's home state of New Jersey, Katalyst is a versatile group of musicians with a passion for original composition. The band has been performing together for almost four years and it's seasoned members have over 25 years combined experience in the music / entertainment business. The band is at ease performing in night clubs as well as private parties and corporate events, and continues to build an enthusiastic following wherever they play. There are nights when it is magic, but never nights when it is anything less than good. Katalyst never fails to satisfy an audience. Drums, guitar, bass, and vocals form the typical core of the Katalyst sound, often augmented with keyboards. The music contains both melodic and rhythmic elements, layered with subtle complexities without becoming self-indulgent. The lyrics seek to capture thoughts and feelings that are both timeless and essential to human nature. Katalyst music is sure to appeal to fans of a myriad of musical genres.

1.1 I Saw You Yesterday
1.2 There She Goes Again
1.3 Daddy Don't Know
1.4 World Keeps Spinning
1.5 My Hill
1.6 Choices
1.7 Silver Tongue
1.8 I'm Here for You
1.9 Hang on
1.10 My Life with You
1.11 Hear the Call
1.12 Won't You Tell Me

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