Kate Klim

Kate Klim: 100 Million Years

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Artist: Kate Klim

Artist: Kate Klim
Title: 100 Million Years

'Pianist-singer-songwriter Klim is an angel-voiced balladeer and a best bet for folk-pop stardom' -The Boston Herald Kate Klim's third studio album places focus on her voice, her lyrics and the piano. Produced by Brian Packer, who also produced Kamikaze Love, 100 Million Years has a more acoustic feel than the last album, and has left the songs of heartbreak behind. (Or, at least most of them.)

1.1 All in
1.2 Can't Help Where the Wind Blows
1.3 100 Million Years
1.4 Day's Gonna Come
1.5 Abilene
1.6 With Your Heart
1.7 Mary
1.8 What I Thought I Wanted
1.9 Apocolypse with Me
1.10 Bigger Things
1.11 Goodbye, Good Luck

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