Kate Moody

Kate Moody: Inscapes

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kate Moody

Title: Inscapes
Label: CD Baby

Piano solos recorded on Kate's 7' Grotrian-Steinweg in Topanga, California, July and August, 2007. This album has a meditative arc. The music is soothing, yet rejuvenating. It inspires calmth. "It is so nice that you put our love to music!" - Ana and Peter R. long-time fans "I wanted to tell you what a gentle pleasure it has been to listen to Kate Moody's piano music...she inhabits a magical and private place with her reflections in sound. It brings me peace." -Alan S. "It's refreshing to hear modern classical music that is melodic and beautiful!" - John Iverson, Shades of Classics "Thanks so much for the CD (inscapes) ...I keep it in my office; it has a calming effect when I am hurrying. So I actually get more done because I stop wasting my energy hurrying. " - Jon J., CPA Album notes: inscape: the essential quality of a thing, place, person, etc., especially as expressed in an artistic work. 1. Flowing ~ The soul of this piece was very much inspired by the canyons of the Santa Monica Mountains. 2. Stream ~ More flowing consciousness. 3. Sparrow ~ A Native American flute tune written by Paul Martinez for his mother. I never found out Paul's title for this melody, but the piece of paper which had the penciled transcription of the notes was by the phone and I scrawled a short message across the top - "Sparrow" - to remind myself that I was to accompany a singer on the hymn, "His Eye Is On the Sparrow." 4. Dusk ~ an evocative word which brought forth this music 5. A Wish For Holly ~ I wrote this piece for Holly in 1993. She was a young girl who had undergone a kidney transplant. My wish for her was that she would soon be back out on the playground, having fun. As a teenager she won a Bronze Medal for the 100 yard dash and a Silver Medal for bowling in the U.S. Transplant Games. Much love to you, dear Holly. 6. Elegy ~ A tribute to Cocoa. She was a great cat. 7. Hoku Pa'a ~ A friend described sitting in a circle around a fire on the beach at Hanalei Bay, then looking up and seeing the North Star. The image recalled to me the advise of a spiritual mentor to follow my inner compass. I regard that inner guide as my steady star. The Hawaiians call the North Star, "Hoku pa'a," which, literally translated, means "fixed star." 8. Lama Kuhikuhi ~ After I played "Hoku pa'a" for my friend he commented that if HE wrote a piece about the North Star it would somehow have one steady note all the way through. And I wished him well on that project! But the idea somehow stuck with me, and out came Hoku Pa'a II, aka Lama Kuhikuhi. Middle C is recurrent throughout. Now, for the fun part: my reflections on the North Star led me to think about a beacon. "Beacon" in Hawaiian is "lama kuhikuhi." "Lama" is a Hawaiian ebony, and also means torch or light. Lama wood is placed on the altar of the goddess Laka, as it's name signifies enlightenment. "Kuhikuhi" means to teach, designate, or point out. Thus, the beacon shows the way to enlightenment. 9. Heart ~ Remembering to experience the warmth of my own heart. 10. Sweet ~ A feeling of looking forward with optimism, while at the same time appreciating the fullness of the present moment. Like catching the first scent of spring. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!

1.1 Flowing
1.2 Stream
1.3 Sparrow
1.4 Dusk
1.5 A Wish for Holly
1.6 Elegy
1.7 Hoku Pa'a
1.8 Lama Kuhikuhi
1.9 Heart
1.10 Sweet

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