Kate Power

Kate Power: Tales from Puddletown

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kate Power

Title: Tales from Puddletown
Label: CD Baby

In the tradition of folk, Pete Seeger and Peter, Paul & Mary, this selection of songs is designed for the enjoyment of the parents as much as it is for the youngsters. These songs will give you a melodious background to sing along to from morning to night, tub to bed. Easy on the parents, fun for the kids. From Power's old-time banjo tune, "Old Bullfrog", Einhorn's animated "Candy Man" to the ancient Irish lullaby, "Castle of Dromore", Kate Power & Steve Einhorn bring original, traditional and ancient songs into your family's repertoire. Intelligent, warm, and full of imagery of the world around us, these songs make you want to sing, harmonize and dance. Cast of Musicians: Kate Power: Vocals, DADGAD Guitar, 5-String Banjo Steve Einhorn: Vocals, Guitar, High-Strung Guitar, Ukulele, 6-String Banjo, Horn Lips Gregg Williams: Drums & Percussion Phil Baker: Bass Courtney Von Drehle: Accordion Harley James: Pedal Steel Mike Van Liew: Piano, Trumpet Lex Browning: Fiddle Dan Compton: Fiddle Mick Doherty: Hammered Dulcimer, Upright Bass 'Old Bullfrog' Jim Chapman: Pennywhistles Brian Davis: Percussion on 'Guabi, Guabi'

1.1 Old Bullfrog
1.2 Bold Fisherman
1.3 Guabi, Guabi
1.4 The Milking Song/Marguerite
1.5 Candy Man
1.6 James
1.7 River Waltz
1.8 Animal Band
1.9 Soalcake
1.10 Columbia River Lullaby
1.11 Castle of Dromore

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