Kate Reid: Queer Across Canada

Kate Reid: Queer Across Canada
Title: Queer Across Canada
Label: CD Baby

Sure same-sex marriage is legal these days, and gay people don't get fired from their jobs like they used to, but the growing number of queer parents and openly queer youth means that young people are facing homophobia like never before. Moved by stories of queer teens and kids with queer parents feeling isolated and ostracized, singer-songwirter and musical comedienne Kate Reid embarked on her most audacious recording project yet. She conducted 74 interviews with queer parents, queer kids, and straight kids of queer parents and used them to create 'Queer Across Canada', a pioneering collection of songs for queer families that bursts with a spirit of radical celebration of the rainbow spectrum.

1.1 Queer Across Canada
1.2 Tummy Mommy
1.3 Boys Who Wear Dresses
1.4 The Mothers' Day/ Fathers' Day Conundrum
1.5 Cool Enough to Be Gay
1.6 Radical Donor Dad
1.7 I Am a Tomboy
1.8 Suite for Blended Families in C: I) Suite Prelude
1.9 Suite for Blended Families in C: II) Brother from Another Mother
1.10 Suite for Blended Families in C: III) Sibling with a Twist
1.11 Not Alone
1.12 Altona, Manitoba
1.13 That's So Gay
1.14 My Ex-Wife Is a Lesbian and She's An Unfit Mother
1.15 Straighter Than An Arrow
1.16 Talking to You
1.17 We Are Family

Kate Reid: Queer Across Canada

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