Kathryn Lorenzen

Kathryn Lorenzen: Portfolio

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Title: Portfolio
Label: CD Baby

Kathryn Lorenzen has come full circle as a singer-songwriter -- from an acoustic folk music start in Kansas City, through a series of Lawrence, KS-based rock bands, on to a country stint in Charleston, SC and Cedar Rapids, IA, and back to her singer-songwriter roots in Kansas City. In the past several years she's enjoyed writer recognition from several sources. In 1999 'Desert Heart,' co-written with Beth Scalet, won an honorable mention in the Billboard Songwriters Competition, and Kathryn had winning songs in the Kansas City Songwriters Showcase for three years in a row. Kathryn's creative discipline has also allowed her a successful track record as a writer/producer in the advertising industry. She's won awards both regionally and nationally for television and radio work including jingles, scores, and station music packages. 'Portfolio' is an inspired collection of original songs recorded and produced in collaboration with Los Angeles-based studio musician Chad Watson. All-star players include Jeff Pevar, Kelley Hunt, Allan Rich, George Pearce, Terry Swope, Pat Tomek, Mike Metheny, and Kim Park. This collection showcases her signature sound -- emotionally charged contemporary folk, with subtle jazz and country undertows. From love songs to social commentaries, captivating instrumentation, warm vocals, and sincere storytelling lie at the heart of Lorenzen's work. This is music to listen to while you live your life.

1.1 Rise in Love
1.2 Desert Heart
1.3 Night in the City
1.4 Welcome to Today
1.5 Living Well
1.6 Ocean
1.7 Keeper of His Heart
1.8 Trouble
1.9 Just Before the Dawn
1.10 Take Back the Night
1.11 Going Home to War
1.12 Lay It Down

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