Kathy Reid-Naiman: More Tickles & Tunes

Kathy Reid-Naiman: More Tickles & Tunes
Title: More Tickles & Tunes
Label: CD Baby

Winner of 1997 Parents' Choice Silver Honours! Kathy Reid-Naiman has once again joined forces with Ken Whiteley, as producer and accompanist, to put together her second enchanting recording for very young children. This collection of 35 traditional and new tickles, rhymes, knee bounces, singing games and lullabies, is a must for teachers, librarians and parents of children 6 months to 6 years. M9702 CD.

1.1 Nelly Go 'Cross the Ocean
1.2 Toe Tittily
1.3 Hey Ho Little Fish
1.4 Open, Shut Them/I Have 10 Little Fingers
1.5 Razzama Tazzama
1.6 Bumble Bee/Around and Round the Flower
1.7 Who's That Sitting There
1.8 Davy Dumpling
1.9 Little Brass Wagon
1.10 Smooth Road
1.11 All the Little Bunnies
1.12 X Marks the Spot
1.13 Tideo
1.14 How Go the Ladies?
1.15 Three Times Around/The Alley Alley Oh
1.16 Wibbleton to Wobbleton/Trumpety Trumpety Trump
1.17 Listen to the Water
1.18 Leg Over Leg
1.19 Jack Jingle
1.20 Ride a Cock Horse/This Is the Way
1.21 The Grand Old Duke of York
1.22 Catch Her Crow/Way Up High in An Apple Tree
1.23 Dirty Bill from Vinegar Hill
1.24 Fleas
1.25 If I Had a Pony
1.26 Three More Bounces: A Trot and a Canter/Matthew, Mark, Luke and John/Ri
1.27 Miss Polly Had a Dolly
1.28 How Many Miles to London Town?
1.29 London Hill
1.30 Jim Along Josie
1.31 There's a Cobbler
1.32 Walk Daniel
1.33 Wobbidobs
1.34 Chop-Nose Day!
1.35 Bye Baby Bye

Kathy Reid-Naiman: More Tickles & Tunes

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