Kathy Reid-Naiman

Kathy Reid-Naiman: On My Way to Dreamland

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Product Type: CD

Title: On My Way to Dreamland
Label: CD Baby

Winner of Parents' Choice Silver Honors Award, Parent's Guide to Children's Media - Outstanding Achievement in Audio Music, Children's Music Web Award 2003 There are 19 lullabyes and songs for quiet times on this great collection! Singing with Kathy are two very fine vocalists, her sister Mary Colmer and her daughter Hannah Naiman. Produced by one of Canada's best producers, Ken Whiteley, this recording will quickly become a classic. There are some very well known songs like 'Lavender's Blue' and some classics like 'Catch a Falling Star' and 'Turn Around', and many unfamilar songs that will very soon be favourites! M0202 CD This wonderful collection of lullabies has been our son's favorite bedtime CD for the past few months. I am a big fan of Reid-Naiman's recordings--always exceptionally produced by Ken Whiteley, Raffi's first producer. Her voice is warm and inviting and Whiteley's arrangements and acoustic instrument choices (guitar, steel drums, harp, djembe, cello and mandolin, just to name a few) is perfectly suited to each song. There are 19 lullabies in this collection. Some are well known, such as 'Lavender's Blue,' 'Catch a Falling Star' and 'Turn Around' but many, though unfamiliar at first, will quickly become favorites. This is part of Reid-Naiman's strength--she is a collector of folk songs and always surprises me with the gems she chooses to share. A very sweet and tender recording. Fred Koch Chicago Parent June 2003.

1.1 Great Big Star
1.2 Douglas Mountain
1.3 Mister Moon/The Cuckoo
1.4 On My Way to Dreamland
1.5 My Pigeon Coop
1.6 Cowgirl's Lullaby
1.7 Little Lap Dog
1.8 Lavender's Blue
1.9 Come Row the Boat
1.10 Good-Night
1.11 Turn Around
1.12 Bye O Baby Bye
1.13 Kitty Alone
1.14 I See the Moon (Up Over My Bed)
1.15 Catch a Falling Star
1.16 Bye Baby Bye
1.17 Sweet Kentucky Babe
1.18 Wee Baby Moon
1.19 Dreams of Harmony

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