Kathy Reid-Naiman: Smooth Road to London Town

Kathy Reid-Naiman: Smooth Road to London Town
Title: Smooth Road to London Town
Label: CD Baby

Winner Children's Music Web Award, Parents' Choice Award! A Smooth Road To London Town" The songs on this CD are favourites of the families who attend the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program across Canada. Some of them are lullabies, some are songs with actions, and others are perfect for dancing or marching. Review Here's a wonderful CD for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, parents - just about anyone who could use a bit of a bounce in her step. The tunes, sung by Kathy Reid-Naiman in her clear strong voice, range from a pair of lively Caribbean tunes to Connie Kaldor's haunting 'Prairie Lullaby.' There's plenty of traditional material as well from 'Zoom Zoom Zoom, We're Going to the Moon,' to a plain and beautiful version of 'Simple Gifts' - surely how the Shakers meant it to be. The common thread? All the songs have a strong rhythm. These tunes will have you tapping, dancing, swaying and bouncing a toddler on your knee. Who could not waltz a baby around the kitchen when they hear 'So dance her up and up and up and up Dance her up to the sky Dance her up and up and up and up, and she'll be down by and by...' The words are accompanied by suggestions for actions, from knee bouncing to skipping down the street. This collection is a complete package, some fast tunes, some slow, some silly, some melancholy. It might be the only CD you'll need to buy your child for a good long time - it will warm your heart, raise your spirits, get you dancing... maybe even calm a grumpy baby at bedtime. (Produced in association with Parent-Child Mother Goose. Cathie Kryczka Baby & Toddler Magazine Spring 2002.

1.1 Circle of the Sun
1.2 See the Sleeping Bunnies
1.3 Rig a Jig Jig
1.4 Put Your Shoes on Lucy
1.5 Smooth Road to London Town
1.6 Horsey, Horsey
1.7 Pretty Painted Butterfly
1.8 She Didn't Dance, Dance, Dance
1.9 Duke of York
1.10 Sailing Sailing Over the Ocean
1.11 Dropped My Hat
1.12 Come Look a See
1.13 Rags the Dog
1.14 Zoom, Zoom, Zoom
1.15 Watch the Stars See How They Run
1.16 Simple Gifts
1.17 Hush Little Baby
1.18 Prairie Lullaby
1.19 Rock Me Easy
1.20 Lullaby, Lullaby
1.21 Rock a Bye Baby / Sleep Baby Sleep
1.22 Rockabye You
1.23 Alley Bally
1.24 All the Little Ones Are Sleeping
1.25 I See the Moon
1.26 Baby's Boat
1.27 Goodnight Ladies

Kathy Reid-Naiman: Smooth Road to London Town

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