Kathy Waters

Kathy Waters: Windrose

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kathy Waters

Title: Windrose
Label: CD Baby

Kathy Waters is a self taught acoustic guitarist who grew up in inspiring the age of folk music. Ms Waters idolized Peter, Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. She started playing their music at an early age and contemporary American Folk music became a part of her soul. Now she writes her own music, inspired by the artists of the sixties and seventies, as she adds her own personal touch to take it to the next level. This produces a sound based in Folk structure, yet still remaining very much her own. Drum and bass tracks were performed by her friend Annie Allman who enhances Ms Waters guitar and vocals with a sense of style all her own. Annie, Greg Allman's cousin, owns and operates her own guitar and drum store in Savannah, Ga. She has been playing Jazz guitar, drums and bass with various artists throughout the years and has been featured on many other albums. She also plays at a variety of Savannah's hot spots on a regular basis. Kate Jacobson, is not only Ms Waters singing partner, but also a dear friend. Kate is a flutist and many of Kathy's songs incorporate her beautiful flute arrangements and exquisite vocal harmonies and canticles. The blend of these three artists come together in a perfect union, producing a sound that many of us can relate to. So sit back, relax and enjoy this well produced, beautifully arranged, lyrically masterful music. This album, like so many of it's folk brothers and sisters ...is timeless.

1.1 Windrose
1.2 Lonely Endless Night
1.3 What Would I Do
1.4 Roller Coaster Ride
1.5 Lost Love
1.6 Truth
1.7 Once Upon a Time
1.8 Gone Too Long
1.9 Smoke and Mirrors
1.10 In Another Lifetime
1.11 In the Wind
1.12 Stray Dog
1.13 Scattered
1.14 Night Wind
1.15 Windrose (Instrumental)

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