Kathy Zimmer

Kathy Zimmer: Under Your Spell

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Artist: Kathy Zimmer

Artist: Kathy Zimmer
Title: Under Your Spell

Born and raised in rural Nebraska, Kathy grew up singing 'wash tub bass'-style folk music with her family--think accordions and out-of-tune farmhouse pianos, plus lots of voices singing harmony at the tops of their lungs. She learned guitar at an early age and accompanied herself as she sang for church services and various small town gigs, including rodeos, parades and county fairs. Kathy attended college at the University of Nebraska as a music major and quickly fell in love with the genre of classical art song. She continued to pursue her musical development by completing a Master of Music degree at the Cleveland Institute of Music in Cleveland, Ohio. Feeling a desire to express artistically that which is unique to her, Kathy strives to combine her native love of folk music with her passion for classical art song in her own compositions. Now a resident of New York City, Kathy's music is at once sophisticated and naïve, polished and quirky. She performs frequently with her band in and around New York.

1.1 Perfect Song
1.2 Don't You Wanna
1.3 Under Your Spell
1.4 Joey (It's All Okay)
1.5 If I Could
1.6 Today Is Not the Day
1.7 Love Light
1.8 Understood
1.9 Dreams

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