Katie King

Katie King: Jazz Figures

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Katie King

Title: Jazz Figures
Label: CD Baby

Review of Jazz Figures by Dave Nathan Good jazz singers take risks and few are more riskier than putting lyrics to and vocalizing classic bop tunes. This tricky task is what Katie King and her musical cohorts have successfully accomplished on Jazz Figures. Most of the music was composed by Wayne Shorter. King's style is characterized with subtlety and grace. 'Timeless Moments' ('Nefertiti') is languidly delivered creating a picture of an attractive woman lounging in a diaphanous gown, drinking Southern Comfort and reminiscing of past good times that are not likely to pass this way again. Talented multi-instrumentalist Jay Thomas, as he has done on other of her albums, provides the perfect foil for King. Listen to his soprano, appropriately, on 'I Need Rest' built on John Coltrane's 'Impressions' and his shimmering Miles Davis muted trumpet on 'Follow the Footsteps.' The work Thomas and King alone are reason enough to justify this recording. The rhythm section of Seattle- based musicians Bob Nixon, Jeff Johnson and Steven Bentley are very supportive. Nixon's pianistic talent is featured throughout, but especially on 'All the Notes Are Blue' ('Blue in Green').

1.1 Tell Me Yes or No (Yes or No)
1.2 Follow the Footsteps (Footprints)
1.3 All the Notes Are Blue (Blue in Green)
1.4 I Need Rest (Impressions)
1.5 I'm in Fall (Fall)
1.6 Timeless Moments (Nefertiti)
1.7 The Prince (Prince of Darkness)
1.8 Time Remembered
1.9 All the Notes Are Blue - Reprise (Blue in Green)

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