Katy Glorioso

Katy Glorioso: Shark & a Bird

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Artist: Katy Glorioso

Artist: Katy Glorioso
Title: Shark & a Bird

Inspired by artists who redefined Pop, Katy Glorioso uses soft, moving melodies and raw, yet bold, strains over solo instrumentals to create a collection of easy listening compositions. Shark and a Bird is only the beginning EP of what will hopefully be a string of several albums. Each of the six songs is unique and distinct with the common characteristic between them being the story-like lyrics and vague messages within them. It will be her lyrics and lovely vocals that give this young artist from the Philly suburbs a place in every music collection.

1.1 Unfinished House
1.2 Shark and a Bird
1.3 Moving Out
1.4 Jane
1.5 Feel for You
1.6 Worrying Me

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